Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Welcome Back...It's not about you Cotter, or Carter

Here, in Michigan, it was the first day of Public School.  I now have Pigs in 6th, 4th, and 2nd grades.

I kicked Pig 1 out of the house in the wee early, pre sunlight hours of the morning.

Pigs 2 & 3 are still rocking the elementary and got to forgo the bus in favor of a NPR sponsored ride to early morning daycare.  I love you Steve Inskeep!  Whatever, he is and always will be Steveinski in my car.

Back to school always reminds me of Sarah.  We met on the first day of First Grade.  She was wearing a totally rockin' Strawberry Shortcake dress that I had wanted (and didn't get) from the Children's dept at Sears.  Yes, Sears was the place to go for the rockin' elementary wear in 1980. Plus, there was the occasional visit from Winnie the Pooh, and, AND a candy counter.  SEARS WAS THE SHIT.  Really.  Trust me.  It was.

Still fashionable. Haha.  She probably hates this, but I love this photo!
Sarah is now a totally dedicated, still fashionable Mom, and high school French/Spanish Teacher.  I had to call and ask how her Lucas' first day was (He's a First Grader, many, many important friends are made here people!) and how her day was.

I was informed that both had spectacular days.  She made school sound so fun that I may be volunteering in her afternoon classes occasionally.  That is if it doesn't interfere with my ZPDK Friday Gig!

A Friday ZPDK gig, you say?  Why yes!  A new, improved and possibly hooch filled way to start your knitting weekend...

FRIDAYS (Yes, Friday (S) )
Noon-ish until you need to go home
Shakespeare's Pub -
  241 East Kalamazoo Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49097

It's possibly the best of all worlds...Locally owned, an old refurbed Fishing Rod and Reel company, Shakespeare-y Literature, BEER, plus loads of free downtown parking.  If they only sold knitting goods in the lobby, it would be like the perfect storm.

Welcome back to school!  Fall, it's like another chance to make resolutions you know you are just going to break.

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Linda said...

So envious! Long time cool friends and plenty of local hooch selling places to knit. sigh. I have got to find the SC-ZPDK's a hooch place to knit!