Sunday, September 04, 2011

Famous, it runs in the Family

Turns out my mild mannered Dad, Marty Church, besides being a knitter extraordinaire, is a ukelele celebrity!

Martin Church, Phyllis Kennedy and Jim Powers play their ukuleles at Your Local Yarn Shop during a monthly ukulele jam in Battle Creek. / Al Lassen/For the Enquirer-photo lifted from the here for official article.

No, really, I can not make my life up. It's all true, including the zombie slaying.  Let me tell you, that part is not glamorous, plus, I think I deserve a stylist, and a bow.  This damn shovel is heavy.

So while I spend my time knitting, doing drug testing, and trying to educate the Pigs on the finer points of Doctor Who, mon papa est tous célèbres et de la merde.  Sorry, Pig 3 and I are learning French.

Next time you see Monsieur Frogs-A-Lot, be it at Your Local Yarn Shop, a coffee shop or your own home, give his uke skills a shout out.

Love you Dad!


Bec said...

This was such a nice article. I asked Cole if he would be interested in going to play with them some day. He said he could not play. I beg to differ. I'll let you know if I get him there.

Your dad is so cool. I miss him!

Holly Bee said...

I'd love to see Cole join in the Uke fun! What a riot it all is!

Anonymous said...

We rocked out the place after the damn reporter left.

Thanks for the nice blog, Sweetie!