Tuesday, September 27, 2011

 A sweet little package arrived in the mail for me from Mabel's Labels!  Notice back there something says Holly on it?

 Yes! Personalized Holly stickers!  When I was a wee lass (I am Scottish) there were not Holly stickers.  I was VERY excited to see this sweet stickers.

I promptly found a water bottle, and labeled it...
In my excitement I took a rather shoddy photo

 Then, I labeled a second water bottle.
 Why all the water bottle labeling?  Because I'm sick of writing BISHOP in sharpie all over everything we own.  We have one water bottle left from my original order of Mabel's Labels.
Notice the difference?

 I ordered the dinosaur labels when Pig 1 was in Preschool, he's now in Middle School!  Oh, how I miss the days when I could label their shoes and know I'd get my own kid's shoes back.  Labeled sponge bob snack containers! Labeled back packs! 

Then, I went sticker crazy, and nearly labeled my Rogue-Dare*Risk*Dream cup.
 But, I'm pretty sure you know that one's mine.

I'm also pretty sure I'm placing another order.  This time with a skull and cross bone instead of the dinosaur.

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