Saturday, September 10, 2011

Poltergeist...Still frightening

Poltergeist came out in 1982, I was 8.  I was the same age as Robbie in the movie.  You may not remember Robbie, but he was the older brother of Carol Anne.  You remember Carol Anne.  Cute blonde, pot smoking parents, gets eaten by the television?
Ok, talks to the tv, gets eaten by the closet

So I saw this movie on HBO as an elementary student.  Yes, I saw it with Sarah.  We also enjoyed other such fine cinema as Ghost Story and American Werewolf in London.  I wonder now, did we ever have adult supervision?  The answer is no, we were raised by wolves.

Now, I do have some questions about Poltergeist.

1.  Ok, Dad, Craig T. Nelson, works for the company who developed the neighborhood.  So why the hell does he have a fancy spiral staircase to the upstairs, and yet his two youngest kids share a bedroom?

2.  Any Mom knows-You don't flush a damn bird down the toilet.  That will clog that bitch up, and then you've got to plunge.  Really?  Plunge a freaking poo bird?  No. Never gonna happen.  Bird flew away, yes.  Flushed, no.

3.  If shit starts moving around your house of it's own accord, find religion, or move.  This from the atheist. But really, play musical chairs?  Hell no.

4.  The kid, Robbie, wears a LA Dodgers hat and yet the fam has a St. Louis Rams football helmet? I don't think so.

5.  If the oldest daughter, Dana, is 16 and the Mom is 32, well, I'm pretty bad at math, but even I can figure out Mom had Dana in high school. 

I write this all brave, but let me tell you, because of this movie, I am afraid of clowns, closet lights, fried chicken, and my kitchen in the middle of the night.  As another side effect, I also get freaked the hell out when the Star Spangled Banner plays or when the television goes to static.

But I did learn that tennis balls are a great way to connect with the other side, and if you count the seconds between lightening and the thunder you can get attacked by a killer tree.


Linda said...

I won't say how hold I was in '82 but I will say I only saw that movie ONCE! Don't like scary movies!!!

Holly Bee said...

I like them, they scare me, then, I don't like them.

I hear you!

Anonymous said...

Those movies scared me too, I must've been smoking pot to let you guys watch 'em!
Slacker Dad

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Oooh, was Slacker Dad actually smoking pot while you lil kids watched all my favorite trashy scary movies? Wait, did you miss Dawn of the Dead?

Oooh again, Abi loves the scary and she's never seen Poltergeist.

(word verification is "copitest"

Kathryn Ray said...

OMG. That movie is sooo scary.

I am also still afraid of clowns.

Whenever it's really stormy at night and the tree outside is waving in the wind, I ALWAYS think of that scene. I can't sleep and I make the dog get on the bed. That's the only time he's allowed on the bed.