Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1 Year of Devoted Service

Can you believe it? I've been working at Forensic Fluids Laboratory for 1 year!
Ok, maybe the devoted service part is stretching it a bit.

 Why do I love lab work?

1. There is always some sort of need to wear a lab coat.
2.  Everyone looks good in a lab coat.
3.  A lab coat hides a myriad of sins.
4. The smell of cleaning products.
5.  Fashionable gloves.
6.  Sensible shoes are almost a requirement.
7.  There is all sorts of ReeeeeSearch going on.
8.  Tachyons, Heisenberg, and wormholes...all day

and for my final reason...

9. A lab person can always answer...YES! It's just like CSI!  Eyeballs, and everything.

Thank you to Forensic Fluids for a fun filled year of science and lab coat wearing opportunities!


Teresa said...

I love lab coats! They promise so much and never disappoint. :D

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Go you! You rock the lab coat! (way better than that Etsy outfit)

Anonymous said...

Lab coats allow you to go up to a perfect stranger and ask them intimate details of their life...and they reply! Silly people.

Congratulations on the one year anniversary, your hard work and enthusiasm has been a big asset to the company.

Jenny said...

What happened to massage therapy school? BTW, do you think it would be ok to wear a lab coat while cleaning my house? With two boys, the latex gloves are a requirement...

Holly Bee said...

I dropped out of massage school! Turns out the science was more fun than the, uh, rubbing? Better hours, better pay, no smelly feet.