Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I went to Cub Scout camp this year with Pig 2 & Pig 3.

This was my third year of Cub Scout Camp, so, I sort of knew what to expect.  Closed toed shoes, the need for a first aid kit, and the fear of tetanus. I was prepared for anything.

I will never wear these shoes again.
Almost anything.  Sadly, I was defeated by thunderstorms and the need to pee.  Due to a recent severe storm pummeling the camp, it was strongly suggested that I sleep in one of the Scout Cabins.  Normally, the cabins are a much worse option than a tent in a thunderstorm.  Years of pee, and barf make the cabins almost uninhabitable to an adult's nose. I caved to peer pressure.

Turns out, these cabins were new, accident free and had air conditioning.
 Yes, air conditioned camping. 

Sadly, this led to the worst night of sleep ever. I had to pee twice. The camp site is so full and well lit I couldn't just drop trou around the side of the building.  Did I mention I slept inside due to storms?  I almost died on both trips to the bathroom. 

Will I camp with the scouts again next year?  Only if I have a salad bowl to piss in.

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Linda said...

Even peeing is an adventure with you! LOL!