Monday, August 08, 2011

I was recently asked "What cha knitting?"  I responded "Just  wash cloth."  I didn't realize I had stumbled upon a fellow knitter, at Cub Scout Camp of all places!!  She was all, don't belittle that wash cloth!

She made me realize the beauty and wonder of the humble wash cloth...

Yes, I do pick up the ladies with this sensible bag  

 Here we have a sample wash cloth.  It's my emergency knitting, stashed in my bag for times of need.  You know, to keep me from being bored while waiting.  The cotton yarn also comes in hella handy when you come across a rogue zombie with say, your car and need to tidy up before you pick up the kids.

 You can never have too many wash clothes!  Ah, a drawer full of wash cloths is a happy drawer.
 Dish cloths do not have to be made to a specific size.

This makes them great gifts!  No size fits all!  It's true, my muumuu says No Size, and it fits like  dream.

You say you have a dishwasher, or you only wash dishes with sponges (which is nasty. I know you are not washing that damn sponge and/or using a new one on a frequent enough basis. But, to each their own.  Ok, except now, sponges are inherently gross.) 

You can still enjoy a hand knitted (of any size) dish cloth.

 Use one to line the veg holder! No more onion papers all over!

Sometimes, that beer is ice cold!  Use a dish cloth to keep the temp of your hand cozy.  


 Did you like that clever word play?  Keep your hand cozy? Beer, cozy? Beer cozy?  Nothing? 

My favorite use for the oft underestimated dish cloth, is as a snot rag.

Now go!  Go, I say!  Knit washcloths without shame!


Linda said...

"A drawer full of wash cloths is a happy drawer." My drawers are seriously lacking in happy right now. But since I started a sweater that I need absolute silence and zero distractions in order to knit I have resumed my emergancy dish cloth knitting. Ahh, it keeps me sane:)

WonderWhyGal said...

I agree with Linda, I love looking into a drawer of handmade wash cloths. Now...I didn't know there were so many uses for them ;-)

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Aaaahhhh... a fellow member of The Cult Of The Cloth. I knew you were special.

Holly Bee said...

Isn't it funny? I wrote this one for you Mrs H!