Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer over Knitting? No, Adventure over Knitting

I had a lovely time out with Patti, Sandy and Karel on Friday.  I'd sort of taken a break from ye ole world of knitting.  Which, sadly, also lead to a bit of a break from my knitter friends.  I know, right?  The blog's  called knit with snot, not random chick married to an Ogre, who has 3 little Pigs and slays zombies on occasion.  Although, I suppose I could change it.

Part of the reason for the lack of knitting is due to my awesome job at Forensic Fluids.  No, really, check the link.  My bad hair and I totally work there.  We are featured on the front page of the website.

Besides work, I've been busy having fun!  Yes, knitting is fun, but check this out...

You may play egg toss, or corn hole (why couldn't that just been called bean bag toss??) we've been playing Pitch the Pig!

 I've also found a wonderful place that locks your kids up and spins them around for 5 minutes!

This is available for you and your Pigs, bears, kids, kidlets, piglets, or straight up children in the air conditioned comfort of the Kzoo Air Zoo!  For those of you wondering, yes, it's cruel, but they have caught many wild air planes and now keep them in captivity.

We've also gotten the Pigs' hairs cut.  Yes, hairs.  If you say hair cut, you will be questioned, have bad puns, and worse word play thrown at you.

 We've even taken the Ogre on some of our summer adventures!
He can't have fun, he's an Ogre!
 Check it!  Pig 1 kayaking!

 Now Pig 1 out on the lake. 

Where was Pig 2 during all this fun? He was riding a jet ski.  Some adventure can't be caught by camera, it's too intense.

This sort of adventure is just the right speed to be caught.
Knitting has definitely taken a bit of a back seat to adventure.  But know that I love you and I want to make sweet, sweet knit projects with you. 


Linda said...

"Random chick married to an Ogre, who has 3 little Pigs and slays zombies on occasion" I like it! LOL!
Glad you are having great adventures with the Pigs. !00 degrees is a bit warm for knitting.

WonderWhyGal said...

Looks like a great summer full of fun. I'm glad work is going good and you are still able to have adventures with the family. Enjoy!

Mrs. H (aka MrsAych) said...

Hey hey, Holly Bee. How are thee?

Holly Bee said...

Doing well Mrs. H!

Thanks for asking. I'm going to go blog it up right now!!