Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Apron's On!

You may have heard over the last several years, that my oven is broken. Yes, I said years, and I said oven.

I don't mind the rusty exterior, or that the sticker letting you know which buttons are for what is falling off.  It's really that the oven door doesn't shut.  It takes for EVER to bake say, chicken.  I usually just get fed up and call it done.  Sadly, this leads to me feeding the family raw chicken on occasion.

But now, I have a new oven....
Hamilton Beach Convection Counter Top Oven
 I can bake, warm up left overs and eliminate the possibility of salmonella!  Now I just need to knit it a cozy.


Linda said...

Yea! no more Salmonella! LOL! I think an orange & green cozy is definitely in order.

cinmar11 said...

I have a toaster oven also and I just love mine. I got one with a rotisserie for chicken. I love that it doesn't heat up the entire kitchen, like the big oven, in the heat of summer. And yes, a very bright cozy would be perfect, just remember to use natural fibers or it will melt. Happy cooking.