Friday, June 10, 2011

Pigs, Kodak=Crap, and Sushi

Pig 1 and Pig 3 had birthdays this week.

Pig 3...
Actually, the day before his bday.  It was too hot to cook.  Remember, our oven is broken?

Pig 1...No photo because, well, you'll see in a minute.

This was also the last week of school for all three Pigs.  Pig 1 had his 5th grade graduation on Monday.  I took photos with my new camera they turned out crappy.  I blamed the camera, not the taker of the photos.  So, to remedy this problem, I got a new new camera.

I used the new new camera on Tuesday when I went to the Koffee Klutch.  Yes!  I really do still knit!  I haven't alienated all my friends due to having a job, and some of them still love me.

Spinsanity really does still love me, she just requested that her awesomeness not be photographed.
look! spinny's spinning wheel

Wednesday was Pig 3's bday.  We had a delightful 100 degree day, and hibachi.  I photographed the joy of Japanese food and air conditioning.

Thursday was Pig 1's bday.  We had a delightful 70 degree day and sushi.  I was unable to photograph the joy of Japanese food and conditioning, because my new new camera was broken.

Like not camera strap broken, but full on lens aperture not opening broken.

I have like 20 photos like this
CURSE YOU KODAK AND RIHANNA!!  Yes, I am cursing Kodak the crappy camera making company and Rihanna the singer.  I may as well curse Sam's club too, because that is where I got said anger.  Clarification:  Anger due to camera and Rhianna.
Look!  Cute commercial by Rihanna for Kodak!

Not anger at the corporate culture of evil that is found at Sam's Club. That is anger that I have already suppressed for cheap deals.  Yes, I sold my soul for cheap cheese and wine.  I swear, Jesus also did this. No, really, he got a work visa, came to Michigan, and loves Sam's club.

Maybe Kodak should have spent mo money on the camera, and less on the advertising?  Either way, I spent a lovely 2 days with that Kodak M552.

It was small, it fit in my purse, it had a rechargeable Li ion battery.  In the end, it was a piece of shit.

This is the end of this post. I'm supposed throw in something to tie in the Pigs' bdays.  Or manage to talk about knitting with snot.

My Pigs are older, and I'm knitting washcloths.  Plus, I have $116 from returning the camera.  Shall I buy Pig food and yarn?  Yes, I think I shall.

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WonderWhyGal said...

Happy Birthday to the Pigs and Congrats to Pig 1's 5th Grade Graduation.

There are some of us(me) that still love you...who just don't make meetups anymore but it doesn't mean that we (I) don't miss you.