Friday, June 03, 2011

It's not ridiculous, it's camping

I love to camp.
Pee! Thunderstorm! Landslide! Broken Glasses! RIDICULOUS!!
 Even though most times, something ridiculous happens.

Notice the layers? Camping in April. Ridiculous!

Why no chairs? Ridiculous!

Not camping, still ridiculous!
This means ridiculous amounts of fun was had!
even more fun
 The Ogre hates to camp.  Being an Ogre doesn't make camping very enjoyable.  Throughout history, mosquitoes have been drawn to the blood of Ogres.

Even while camping, I represent...ridiculous
 Also, by design, Ogres are freakishly tall.  This makes fitting into standard
 camping gear damn near impossible.

An Ogre in his natural habitat

A SUPER rare photo of an Ogre outdoors

This is why an Ogre is more easily found indoors, rather than outdoors.  Their lack of understanding toward the ridiculous also dampens their humor when it comes to camping.  Plus, Ogres hate getting damp.

This year, THIS YEAR, the Pigs and I are going to go it alone. We will face the ridiculous, and years from now, it will seem like a super fun thing. Because really,s ridiculous disasters make everything more fun.


WonderWhyGal said...

Ridiculous is good! I hope you and the pigs have fun. It's really win/win if Ogre doesn't enjoy the great outdoors.

Miss you.!

Linda said...

Any day with you is an adventure! Ridiculous just adds to the Awesome! Enjoy your trip:)

P.S. Those boots were way cool but an ridiculous adventure to remove, LOL!

Kathryn Ray said...

You crack me up.

Have a great time.