Sunday, May 01, 2011

National Kidney Foundation...Walks at 1!

Ok.  Honestly with that title I was going for a Bunnicula...The Celery Stalks at Midnight sort of vibe, but I'm thinking it didn't really work.

I was going for a last minute push on the begging for money front this year.  Sadly, Thursday night when I was pulling out the sob story, the NKF took the money contribution website down.  All I have to say is "BRILLIANT FUND RAISING TECHNIQUE!"

I will use this photo until I am photographed with other cute athletes.  Please help me in my goal. I'm talking to you...

James Harden!

Soo, if you are feeling all last minute, don't fret!!  The site is back up!

Please donate your tax deductible dollars to either my corporate team with Forensic Fluids or to my sister Team Little Carter's Ray of Sunshine!  Either way, it goes to a good place :)

Heaven.  Yes, your money goes to heaven riding on a unicorn.

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