Friday, May 06, 2011

Kidney Walk Recap

Let me set the scene...

Excitement and discussions about the need for rain coats were in the air. Volunteers were folding t shirts

and wielding knives.
Why?  Because it was the Annual National Kidney Walk of SW Michigan's Kidney Walk!!  

I only had one job, er, volunteer activity, during the event.  I was to yell at people.  No, really, I was to yell "WELCOME WALKERS!!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!  If you are pre-registered, yes, on the computer, go to the front of the tent!  Day of registration...go to your left!
 Luckily, with this difficult task, I had a co captain...mon amour Sarah...

Yes, I meant amour.  I totally like to SAY IT IN FRENCH!!

Honestly, it was a totally rockin' fun time.  We had a great turn out, loads of fun, and a great walk!

Thank you to everyone who helped, donated or came out for fun!

A special thank you to Forensic Fluids for being a corporate sponsor and having a team!  I really appreciate it!
We hope to see you next year!


Linda said...

You are totally AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Holly, you bring a lot of fun and spirit to the Kidney walk!
Thanks to Forensic Fluids for their sponsorship too.