Sunday, May 22, 2011

I gave that mouse a cookie

I haven't been doing much knitting.  Actually, I haven't knit a stitch since Florida.  Yesterday, I did at least finally pick up the yarn that the cat had violated while we were in Florida.  No, he didn't pee on it.  He's more of a barfer anyway.  No, while we were gone, he was lonely and he ran amok with several skeins of yarn.

This long over due clean up took place because we are getting a new dishwasher.  Remember how our house was for sale?  Well, you dodged a bullet not buying it.  All the appliances are shit, and the air conditioning never works. After having the dishwasher fixed twice, we decided it was cheaper to just get a new one.

I felt obligated to clean up the house so the dishwasher guy can install the new appliance and not think mean about us.  Yes, I care what that person thinks.  Plus, I don't want said person to trip over yarn and then file a lawsuit.  It's actually quite practical.

Now, we still have a bunch of stuff in a storage unit.  Sadly, we can't put any of it in the basement because, our toilets leak.  Yes. Toilets. (Sounds like I live in a real shit hole.)  So, next on the list, we are replacing toilets.  If we're going to replace toilets, we may as well replace the cheap faucets in the  bathrooms too.  If every thing is getting all shiny and new in the bathrooms, we may as well repaint.

With all this going on I realized that we are remodeling our house in the style of...

If you are not familiar with this fine story, here is wiki's summary: Its plot deals with a boy who gives a cookie to a mouse, which in turn asks for various other favors. At length this leads back around to the mouse wanting another cookie.

Oh, there is a lot of crazy going on in this joint, and it all goes back to the kitchen. You know I'm going to want another appliance.

Come on people!  The oven is rusty, the door doesn't shut all the way, and I keep feeding the Ogre and the Pigs raw chicken.  It can't sit in there all busted up next to that shiny new dishwasher!  I wonder what gets done in the house between new oven and new refrigerator?  Newly painted living room and furniture?  Even the mouse book had sequels.


Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

I love that analogy, and will be borrowing it - because that is exactly how we fix things in our house!

Holly Bee said...

I bet the lady who wrote that book has all new appliances.