Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Dream Come True!

I have been reading the business section of the newspaper since I was 12.  I was planning ahead for my future career.  I was following trends, I was keeping an eye on the pulse of my community.  I also sort of wanted to order on of those "ARMY JEEP! Only $39."

But I was afraid to ask to have my meager savings transformed into a check and sent off to random Army guy with a shed full of WWII jeeps.  Which also leads to the question, "how many jeeps did they have for WWII?"

As an adult, I moved on to the Kalamazoo Gazette's Business section.  There they have the At the Watercooler section.  Goings on, pictures, names, companies doing good things are all in this section.  Usually included is a photo.

This Sunday while flipping open to my favorite section, a loud expletive escaped me.  There all fancy and with a color photo was my Best Buddy Sarah and me at the Kidney Walk!!  A dream come true!  I was in the business section of the newspaper!  Sure, it's Sarah and I being our normal goofy selves, not all business suited up and wearing pearls.  I am sure that Tina Fey would be proud!

A role in community well-being
Forensic Fluids Laboratories workers Karen Karr, left, and Holly Bishop hug after participating in the 2011 Southwest Michigan Kidney Walk in Portage on May 1. Five Forensic Fluids employees participated in the walk, raising donations to help fight kidney disease and helping to call attention to the risk factors for chronic kidney disease. Employees of the Kalamazoo-based company were touched by the services provided by the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan to families in area neighborhoods. Last weekend, 15 Forensic Fluids employees participated in the Borgess Run for the Health of It, which included various events. Forensic Fluids Laboratories, a seven-year-old company that specializes in saliva drug testing, was a corporate sponsor of the event, which for the first time included a marathon. 

That was from the Kalamazoo Gazette.  The person I am hugging is Sarah Boven, and the photo was taken before the walk courtesy of our very own Carter's Little Ray of Sunshine Kidney Walk Team Mate, Katie Wingle!!

So another big thank you to Forensic Fluids for being a Corporate donor at the Kidney Foundation of SW MI.  Also a HUGE THANK YOU to all my friends at work for their personal support.  

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Dawn said...

Yay! Now you're even MORE famous! You do so much good and are such an inspiration! :)