Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seaworld. It's all dirty up in that joint.

Seaworld.  Yeah.  To get there we drove through a severe thunderstorm. No, really.  The local radio station went all BEEEPBEEPBEEP......The national weather service has issued a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM in the Orlando/Seaworld area.  60 mile an hour winds. Sucks to be you!

But it was totally worth it. Why?  Seaworld has a really good animal husbandry program.

The awesome thing is, you can totally watch it.  It's not gross, it's nature in action.  Like brownchicken-browncow action.  We saw Walruses and Beluga whales making sweet, sweet animal love.  OOOH, not like together. 

Seals & Seal lions...not exhibitionists
Separately.  Uh, independently of each other, but with each other of the same species.  WTF.  You know what I"m talking about.

The Pigs.  They didn't notice a thing.

The shows at Seaworld were almost as good as the animal exhibits.  The above is a photo of the set for the Dolphin Show "Believe." (Go ahead, make Donkey Show jokes.) The Ogre was all up in arms because the sound track to this theatrical dolphin event was very similar to Defying Gravity from Wicked.  Although I have to say, Wicked did not have a condor.  Flying Monkeys, yes. Condors, no.

So the real reason I took that photo was not especially becoming of my character.  What I really wanted was a photo of a dude's tattoo.  No, it was not just a tattoo.  It was a spectacular display of one man's faith.  Faith that a mean girl from Michigan wouldn't stalk him and try to get photos of his arms.  Yes, his homage to Jesus took not one, but two arms.

On the left arm he had the Crucifixion.  
From Not the guy I was stalking

On the right, Jesus' whole head!  It was like a tattoo stigmata miracle!!

I mean it's not a classic graveyard Grim Reaper scene, but it's Seaworld, not King's Island.  You know, classy. 

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