Monday, April 18, 2011

Florida. It kicked my ass too.

 I'm beginning to think of Florida as my second home.  I mean, really my Mom, Dan, and Mickey Mouse live there. 

Sadly, I have not discovered a worm hole, learned to time travel or can afford to fly my family of 5 down there at the drop of a hat, or the drop of snow.  So, when the whole family went, we drove.  And we drove, and we drove some more.  We were real close to peeing in bottles in Ohio, but we found the inner strength to carry on to Kentucky and pee in their nicely appointed public rest rooms.

Pigs, after 1 million hours in the car

 When we finally made it to New Smyrna, the Pigs were very happy to get out of the car.  So happy in fact that they resurrected a road kill dog.
That is a dog.
 Of course we had to check out Pk and Dan's new homestead.  Many bets and much mocking was made.  This was mostly directed at the Ogre and his ability to navigate the tiny, steep, spiral staircase.

 He was fine.  Sadly, this mocking came back to bite me in the ass when we climbed up the St. Augustine Light House and I had a panic attack.  Really, you don't panic when you climb a super old, super tall lighthouse's, (that was randomly built by hobos) spiral stair case?  Ok, yeah, you tell me who is crazy.
Plus, it's haunted.
While in New Smyrna, we spent quality time with Pk.  Or, Nana Pk if you are a Pig.
We also spent considerable time at the beach.

Note the smart adults under the shade screen?  Yeah...See the red chair in the sun?
Notice the knitting?  I was in the sun. The sun got it's revenge.

When are we heading back to our second home?  December.  Eh, if it keeps snowing in Michigan, I'm looking into going again in June.

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