Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pizza, Scouts, Saving Me from Me

Tomorrow is the day!  Erbelli's Pizza fundraiser!

20% of all food sales will be donated to Scout Troop #251

I may seem overly excited about this, but we're having some kitchen issues.  Uh, more than our normal kitchen issues. 

Our oven has been broken for several years.  Yes, several.  It's also part of a lawsuit.  The oven, law suit.  We used to get updates about how our oven was fairing in the suit, but I think the suit is over, and all ovens are expected to have been scrap heaped by now.

Adding to kitchen woes is my complete lack of attention when it comes to cooking.  I burn things, I serve raw chicken, I forget things in the microwave, leave and cook stickers on veg.  Once, the Pigs were being watched by Em and Crystal.  E & C decided to make cookies with the Pigs.  They got the big kitchen aid mixer out.  The Pigs asked if it was going to explode.  Why?  Because when I am in the kitchen, it's dangerous.

Now, the dishwasher is broken.

So triple HURRAY!!! for Erbelli's!!

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