Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kindle, the gift that keeps on returning

Out of insane random, I bought Kindles for a few members of my family.  Don't worry, I'm not running a fly by night dog breeding operation or pyramid scheme here.  It's more of a "I hate being told when to give gifts, so here...have a kindle!"  Plus, I've got that job, so, I'm trying to stimulate the economy.

After my 5th ereader purchase, (I did sell some books to pay for the last one) I kind of wore myself down and decided I wanted one too.

Last week, I had a list.  At the top it said my sweet, sweet boyfriend's name...Target.  Below that it said, cd-r
mailing envelopes (I said I sold some books) (Oooh, uh, our post office has real CRAP hours-they close for lunch and are opened for like 3 hours on Sat)

Sadly, I was under a time crunch, and I didn't get to fully enjoy Target.  I had to run in, get my crap, pay at the electronics desk, if I decided to go the way of the kindle, and get out. 

If you work at Target, you wear a red shirt.  If you don't work at Target, it is recommended that you do not browse while wearing a red shirt. 

Being in a hurry, I chased down the first red shirt I saw.  I got lucky, the guy really did work there.  I said "Are you the one I need to see about getting a kindle?
He replied "Yes, I am the keymaster."
We talked for awhile about Gozer and such, and then he said "what kind of Kindle do you want."  At this point I said "I'd like the $139 one."

I was really begining to get sick of all the key words and gate keepers and code talk.  I think it showed because he said "here's the deal.  I just got a return in.  A grand daughter bought a kindle for her grand mother.  The G daughter charged it all up, showed the G Ma how to use it, and as soon as the G daughter left, the G Ma returned it for the cash.  It's $90."

I bought it.  Then I felt like shit for pushing kindles on everyone.  But hell, if they were returning them, someone else got a hell of a deal.


Anonymous said...

I love my Nook, thank you! She's getting lots of use, she tells me stories every night.

Linda said...

Sweet! You know, I think you can get pattern books on those things:)

Holly Bee said...

Waaah!! Pattern books on the kindle? I should sell the rest of my stuff and just go all e!