Saturday, February 26, 2011

Running, with Runners. It hurts.

Yesterday I was in Florida.  Now, I'm back in MI.

That's Deborah on the left, and me, messing with my snot rag on the right.

I've decided I'd rather eat less food than run.  Oh, I'm not just saying run in the snow, I'm saying run. (that . has been bolded for em-pha-sis)

Now, back to starving myself...Until next week, when I run, again.


Christina said...

I'm starving right now too. Trying to loose weight sucks!!!

Deborah said... were supposed to use my glamour shot....I look more like MY DAD in this one.

Perhaps I should consider this my 'before' shot? After all, making it through run camp (and the race perhaps??) may alter my 'look'. Donchathink?

knitwithsnot said...

Yes, losing weight is sad.

Deborah, we can definitely use this as our before photo.