Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Knitting books

My knitting books are still in storage.  I feel so out of sorts without them.  Sure, I can check out patterns on ravelry, but it's just not the same as looking at all those glossy photos in a loverly book.  I swear, I get Women's Health Magazine just for the photos.  I don't even look at the Hot Body Fast articles.

Luckily, my sweet Kat got me Stitch n' Bitch SUPERSTAR knitting for holiday.

This should keep me busy until I am able to set my books free from storage.

But just to be safe, you may not want to leave a knitting book unattended near me.




Wonder Why Gal said...

ooooh! I see you kept that one hidden from me when I was visiting. You know my passion too, yo!

Linda P said...

My love of physical books is the main reason I haven't gotten a kindle. I like the way books smell & feel!