Monday, November 08, 2010

Sometimes I look like this.  Mostly when I'm doing my super awesome embodiment of Grace, Grange duties.  Look how funky fresh I look in that dress, yo!


I may even be all respectful at some times-but it doesn't last...

Because really, you've got to defend what you believe in.



On football day, I have been known to be optimistic, and a wee bit on the "awh, hell no ref! That is bullshit!" side.



Now sometimes, I just need to beat the shit out of stuff.  Most of the batting cages are closed, so now, I've got to do the best I can.  NO closets are safe!!  You will bow down to my organization!!



Glad to be back!!  Here's to many more adventures!!

1 comment:

Linda P said...

You have to "dress" for Grange!? No wonder it your favorite thing to do:(