Friday, November 19, 2010

Pig 2, the new Awesome

Pig 2had his tonsils out this am. He did an amazing job. Ok, he took drugs and got his tonsils lazered out, but that's hard work too.

After the surgery, his Dr talked to me about how the surgery went. She said he only had a tiny crack to breathe through, and those tonsils needed to come out. She also said that due to having adequate oxygen now, he will probably grow 5-6 inches in the next 6 months. She also noted that he is a beast, and should play football in the NFL. I thought that was a pretty awesome thing to say.

The first thing Pig2 said when we got to recovery was "I can breathe so much better!" He went through recovery AWESOME, drank a lot of fluids, and he got the Star Pt of the Recovery Room Award. Ok, there were a lot of crying kids, so, it was sort of a gimme. Anyway, we are home. He's been eating, talking, and trying to beat the crap out of his brothers. I'm thinking he's feeling pretty good so far.

Thanks to everyone who helped (Mom), and everyone who sent good thoughts our way. Love you!! Holly, Cy, and the other Pigs

Here is Indy, the puppy of tonsillectomy.

Here we have peanut butter.  It heals all.  Especially if eaten straight from the jar.

This one is of Cy meditating to ease the pain after surgery.

This was all him. I was totally in shock, but, he's a rockin' transcendental dude.


Dad said...

What a cool Pig!

Wonder Why Gal said...

I love your Pigs.

I'm glad Cy is doing better and can actually breathe now...and, wow! 5-6 inch growth? That's amazing but also shows how our bodies are just freakin' mysteries.

Lots of love to you and yours.

toady said...

you have the greatest kids. so glad everything went good. i thought it was a big deal thurs when i had laser in my eye but tonsils is cool.

Elizabeth said...

Now that you mention it, my good friend from high school got his tonsils out around Pig 2's age and then grew a bunch and he's 6 feet tall from a 5'0" mother. I think you've got another Ogre growing up right before your eyes.

Kat Bishop said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. He (and the rest of you) is awesome. Do they think his voice will change?? Or will he still have the radio announcer voice? :)