Friday, November 12, 2010

Pig 1...He's a real boy!





Here's my Pig 1.

He and his fellow buddies moved up from Cub Scouts into the ranks of Boy Scouts.

No, not the kid looking straight and serious.  That's Alex.  My Pig is the one checking out all the pretties on his uniform.





Here we see Pig 1 surrounded by Boy Scouts.  He is having his Cub neckerchief removed.  It's a point of pride for a boy when he no longer has to wear his random neck decor around.






Dad, Alice, Mel and Jeanne were all tricked into coming along.

Pig 1 had a huge group of support up front when he received his arrow of light.

A big special thanks to Bill and Todd for leading, helping, nurturing and enduring the Cubs and helping them to be Boy Scouts.





Linda P said...

Way to go Pig 1! Very Cool!

Wonder Why Gal said...


You know...I just filled out all the paperwork so I can officially help Boy Scouts earn their Animal Livestock and their Textile badges. Oh yeah, I can hook that Pig up with a few more badges.

Congrats to Pig 1 and to you for raising an awesome Scout.

Kat said...

Waaaaay super cool :)