Sunday, October 17, 2010

School, sure, but people keep having babies

I made flash cards for school.  Massage school flash cards. Here are the feet.  No, really it's for Anatomy class, not directions on how to know your elbow from your nether regions.

I am not a flash card person, but I figured, well, what the hell.  Now, can I rub your feet?  I know where they are.

Knitting?  Hells YES!  I make time for knitting.  My sanity is at stake, I need the knit time.

October is the season of beautiful babies.  The Pigs would like you to know that they have "cousins all over the place."  They got a new one out west just this Thursday.  Congrats to baby Carver!  Welcome to the World!  We hope you have a great trip.

With the arrival of a new cousin, the world will soon also be blessed with a new baby sweater.  First comes love, then a baby, then a baby in a wonky hand knit baby sweater.  It's all about love though.

I'm going to make like 3-5 Little Linear Baby sweaters by Kate Jackson Knits. Please check this cutie design out at Deep South Knits.



Dawn said...

I just found out that I am going to be an auntie again. My nephew is going to have a brother or sister. I hope they find out soon so I can start knitting. Baby stuff goes so fast!

Wonder Why Gal said...

What an adorable pattern. I'm really going to have to bite the bullet and start knitting those darn baby sweaters.

Holly B said...

If nothing else, they're quick. Plus, size is not an issue.