Saturday, October 09, 2010

Desperate Measures-Not the Movie

If we are friends on twitter, facebook, or OMG! real life, you probably are sick of hearing that  "My awesome house in a beautiful Vicksburg neighborhood with low, Schoolcraft Township taxes!" is for sale.


This weekend we are having an Open House (1230-230 if you are in the market for a *)

In a desperate attempt for something different, which would be house selling rather than house for saling...I have called on Saint Joseph for help.

O! Plastic Catholic Saint, made in China, I call on you for help in selling my house!

[caption id="attachment_3963" align="aligncenter" width="112" caption="Wine glass used strictly for size comparison"][/caption]

No, really, I am quite attached to Joesph.  I slept with him under my pillow last night.  This morning, I sang him a song.  The Ogre said it was good up until the point where I praised his carpentry skills by calling him the Carpenter to the Gods.  In my defense, it flowed better in the song, and we've been reading a lot of Percy Jackson lately.

Now, to finish the deed, I was required to burrow St Joe, and ask him for help.  I believe the asking was implied in the song.  I went out to get the trusty zombie slaying shovel.

It seemed a bit over kill.  I chose something a little more appropriate.

Good luck little guy!

Help us sell our house. 

When it sells...I will dig you up and keep you in a place of honor on the mantel,

right next to Buddha.



Wonder Why Gal said...

tehehe, I love that you have him head first. Is that so he can't dig his way out?

knitwithsnot said...

YES! The instructions totally said to bury him that way!

tracyb said...

so who's the patron saint of getting a job? are the instructions the same for burying him, too? :) Good luck with your house!

Christina said...

Where are you guys planning on moving? I'm sure he'll bring you luck! I hope it sells quickly!