Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday, Ah, Saturday

Saturday was a day full of tradition.  Possibly not your traditions, but fun none the less.

It was Spin in Public Day, everywhere, but locally held at Your Local Yarn Shop.  Which technically is my local yarn shop, not yours, so please don't be confused.

Possibly I wasn't taking photos of people, but rather of spinning wheels!  It was great to see friends, but it was also great to see so many different types of spinning wheels in one place.

Also possibly, I should get out more.

I make up for the non people photo, with this people heavy one.  Here we have Kim working with her Spinsanity spindle.  Kim spins the way of the Snot...She practiced in secret until she was ready to show off her mad skills.  Now, she is a spinning FIEND!

Next for tradition, I stole Spinsanity's lovely girls away from her, and took them to...babysit the Pigs.  Awh, I feel sorry doing that to my friends...but we all took one for the Team.

What Team do you ask?  Why WMU football team.  The suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!  Sorry WMU Alumni and current students.  But really, go to a game and support those suckers.  Maybe your love will make them a better team.

The tradition part?

Jello Shots.  Oh, and the knitting.

The rain, that was new.  Let's not make that part of the tradition.  I'm cool with snow, but rain.  Eh, not so much as it turns out.


Christina said...

Goodness that looks like a fantastic weekend!

Wonder Why Gal said...

I enjoyed all the wheels in the room too!

Boy, between the two of us, ChickenLady is famous.