Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby-Cria means Baby-Baby

Friday was Spinning Day at the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm.  I went a little early, because I like to check out the alpacas before I get all into socializing.

Well guess who else decided to show up a little early?

[caption id="attachment_3878" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Sweet Petunia of Wonder"][/caption]

Technically, she was on time.  But my birthday guess for her wasn't until like September 25th.  So, yeah, very early according to my wager.

It was really amazing to see an hours old animal trying to get the hang of walking, nursing, and the whole world all at once.  I am glad though that I missed the actual miracle of birth.  It's just messy.

Baby alpacas are called cria.  I always manage to call them baby crias.  So really, I am saying baby-baby.  But, you know, it's all love.

After the early show excitement, it was just time to hang out with the crew, knit, spin and eat.

There was also some defluffing going on.  Wait, that may be the wrong word.  All I know is fluff went in fluffy, and came out silky, shiny and ready to be spun.  Which, as you know, is what I like.

So I spun, had fun with friends, saw a baby animal, and had a completely zombie free afternoon.


Christina said...

Alpacs are so cute! Adorable. I got some good spinning in last night. Thank goodness because I thought I'd never get back into it after the tour this year.

Wonder Why Gal said...

You didn't mention that you inspired the name of the baby baby.

Sweet Petunia of Wonder

Thank you for being there to help clean her up. Geez, you'd think that I never had an Alpaca birthed on the farm the way I acted. ;-)

knitwithsnot said...

I had a riot helping with the baby-baby! Next time I come over I am going to have to wear my Big Hoss overalls. I never know what adventure I am going to get into!!