Friday, September 10, 2010

11 Years, Teeth and Spinning!

11 years ago today, the Ogre and I got hitched.

Then had a kickin' party.

For our 10 year we went to Disney with the Pigs.  We promptly ditched the Pigs and went out for fancy dinner.

This year...The Ogre had his wisdom teeth removed.

There was no blue pickle this time...It was all about the mashed potatoes from KFC.  While he was in recovery I kept trying to trick him into believing that the after surgery instructions said "eggs, mashed potatoes from KFC, and applesauce."

Why KFC?  Because if you have surgery, you eat KFC mashed potatoes!  I ate them after my tonsillectomy, and after I had my wisdom teeth out.  My brother had them after his wisdom teeth were sawed out of his head, and when he donated his kidney to my Dad.  When Pig 3 had his tonsils out, he too had KFC mashed potatoes.

Last night, the Ogre finally broke down and ate mashed potatoes.  They technically weren't from KFC, but the potato tradition lives on!

So he's going to continue recovering, and I'm going to hang out with friends.  I think he'll be glad I'm gone.

What will I be doing?  Spinning!  I got a lot of really fun fluff while at Michigan Fiber Fest.

These girls were not part of the fluff obtained.  They are part of the fun.

I also might try my hand at making felted hats. Someone made it look so fun!

[caption id="attachment_3874" align="aligncenter" width="112" caption="Wonder Why? "][/caption]

This was partly part of Fiber Arts Friday.  To see more actual posts about Fiber and less about Mashed Potatoes (KFC optional) please visit Wonder Why Alpaca Farm!


Ellen said...

Happy Anniversary!
And get well soon, Ogre!

Inspiration Fibers (Amanda) said...

You're hilarious. I was trying to find the fiber in the photo of the ladies! I thought it was like a "Where's Waldo" until I read your caption!
Felted hats are awesome, especially when they fit!

Dutch Hollow Acres said...

Ick, dentists stink. Hope you can keep him happy and comfortable while you spin away your new fiber finds.

Kathryn | Alpacamundo said...

Yes, mashed potatoes make everything better. Hope the Ogre is feeling better soon and Congratulations on 11 years together. :-)

Christina said...

Congrats. Happy 11 years.

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Happy anniversary! Coincidentally, we just celebrated 10 years this summer, and also ended up on a trip to Disney with the kids.
Get better soon, Ogre!

Linda said...

For me it's Frosty's:)
Congratulations on 11 years! You looked so purty in a dress with makeup & fancy hair. Ogre is quite handsome as well.

Wonder Why Gal said...

I will help you make your hat and shrink it too!

Happy Anniversary

knitwithsnot said...

Thank you all so much for the warm wishes for anniversary and teeth!!

WWG-I totally need help with making another hat. But the good thing is...I scored some bubble wrap!

AllyB said...

Best wishes for a good recovery to the Ogre. Great wedding pics, love that big bouquet. Have a great time spinning...wish I could join you...why do you have to live so far awaaaaaaaayyy?

atyourBecandcall said...

Now, see, if you had used the bra with ice in the cups, Ogre would have had two hands free to flip the double bird to you for taking his picture.

Mashed potatoes are mandatory recovery food. I think my doctor prescribes it.

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