Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well, the camping was a complete FAIL.

I mean, I've had some incidents while camping before.  Wind knocked the tent down in the middle of the night at Elephant Butte.  (That's Butte, not Butt, people.)  It was creepy in "HEY!  I'm suffocating!" sort of way.

An Ode to Camping
Rain. Tents sliding down hills with me in them.
Lost glasses, later found smashed under the tent.
Pee.  Lot's of Pee.
Freezing winds, stinging rains.
Poison Ivy. Scrapes cuts bruises, fish hooks, knife cuts.

But really, what kicked my ass into admitting outdoor defeat?  Blinding heat and mosquitoes.  Curse you Fort Custer State Park!  I'll be surprised if me and the Pigs don't end up with Malaria.  Ok, West Nile. 

Pig 3 said "I bet you hate this place more than TV."  I agreed.

Next's worth the drive to Ludington.  Ah, the fresh breeze off the Lake, the cool air, the trails, the cedar forests, the rip tide in the waves.  Plus, the Ogre has worn me down.  I'll be staying in a hotel.


Kim Wood said...

Yes the mosquitoes are horrible out in battle creek. At least you tried!

Anonymous said...

Ft. Custer camping always seems mundane to me, while Ludington is always magic!


sandy said...

We've camped at Fort Custer State Park, long long ago. Place is huge. We had a great time; but I remember the out houses were awful.
heat and mosquitoes can ruin a camping trip