Friday, August 06, 2010

Tired of fun? Maybe.

Last week my ass got kicked by camp.  Yes, we've been over that.  Then we had an open house on Sunday.  No, no bids.  The people who like our house, have to sell their house.  It's like a pyramid scheme!  We have to somehow trick someone new into buying a house so 2 other people can buy houses.

So, renters...there's a real nice house, cheap, in downtown Kalamazoo you should look into.  Really, you will never be able to buy a house this cheap again.  Renters, you could also look into buying my real nice house, for waaaay cheaper than we bought it, washer and dryer and all appliances included!  Ok, minus the microwave.  It's not even built in and really, you can get your own microwave for $30.

Maybe you're wondering why I've been quiet. I'm exhausted! Why?  Well, I mentioned the bisque.  Camp, Open House, and then THESE GUYS showed up
My brother Carter, Beth, and baby Addy!! Visiting from North Carolina

and it's been non stop fun the whole time!

First we had a picnic.  No, I have no photos because I was nursing a camping hangover and had shunned electric items. No electricity for me maw.

Then another picnic.

Them's cousins.  Ladderball was a big hit
Should we tap that?

Scared of a mini keg?  A little.

Even the dog was tired after this one.
The next day?  Kalamazoo Valley Museum to check the Storm Trooper Mask.  A certain Pig was worried that the guy's head would still be in it. 

It was decidedly free of noggins.  We also learned that many of the costumes that look so sweet are actually as poorly put together as something I would make.  Really, it's all spray paint, stuff found around the house, and shoddy sewing!  I'm in!!  Let's make a movie!

We also decided that Beth, at 5'2, is the perfect size to be an actress.  She fit the suit!!  Then Pig 3 and I decided to try our hand at making our own Super Heroes!!
Here we have Nature Boy.  Beware his grassy legs of justice, foul litter bugs!! Of course I sketched out the ultimate Zombie Prom date Knitter.  It went on the wall for all to enjoy...

Where would you head after a long day of culture?
Yes, it's always best to bring your baby to the bar. You get better service.


Linda said...

No wonder it's been so quiet round here:) Did you stand on the kitchen counter to take that photo? LOL! Ogre's family sure grows 'em big!

Holly Bee said...

That's my brother and cousin!! I'm just the short one!!

WonderWhyGal said...

Hello Carter-
Ok, I know you are reading this! I'm really super sad that you didn't visit my farm. I was even going to leave some Alpaca Poo for Pig 3 to scoop because I like to put your nephews to work. Just know this...a cria will be named for your sister. Yes, she is that awesome!

jeanna said...

the superhero exhibit was here last winter...i cannot tell you how many times we went to see it! i am with you on the biggest disappointment was obi wan's robes. that weren't even hemmed, they just left the selvedge *tears*. i watch movies a lot closer now....

Holly Bee said...

Yes, it was amazing how crappy Obi's robe was. Maybe he made it himself...if so I'm surprised at the puffy sleeves.

ColorSlut said...

Looks like a blast!