Monday, August 09, 2010

Adventure is Fine...It's Domestic that's Killing Me

With all this attempted house selling, and trying to keep the house clean, by not being at home, the zombie population is WAAAY down.  Which, unless you are an evil scientist, this is good news.  Although if I were a mad scientist, I'm thinking that zombies would not be the way I'd go.  I mean, of course I want minions, but zombies smell bad.

So, while the fam was still here visiting, we went on ADVENTURE! 

Ok, yes, the petting zoo may not seem that adventurous to you, but we did go during a Thunderstorm Warning.
 Use the little one as a lightening rod!!
That means go hang out in your basement, not feed giraffes while standing on a platform in a big empty field.  Even the giraffes knew better than to hang out over by the stupid humans.  The were ducking under a taller than them tree.

Next, to the beach!  Sure, sure, it's Lake Michigan, it's not dangerous.  There are no sharks, or riptides.  Uh, take that riptide thing back.  The Mighty Lake Michigan kills several people a year due to riptides.  While we were out there playing in the waves, unbeknownst to us was a Riptide warning.  Danger-Danger! 

No photos at the're welcome.

I am sorry to report that 2 gentleman lost their lives to the waves that day. Seriously, please be careful in Lake Michigan.

We made it out alive and then PK took our freshly burned and sand covered bodies out for Birthday Lunch.

We may have taught her that

 Ahhh!  This is why I love my family.  Any day is a birthday, for everyone!

After taking 4 children to the bar, it's always good to reward them with a bit of running amok and general mayhem.

We had a great time Carter, Beth and Addy!  Can't wait to see you and the new addition next year! 

After all that camping, swimming and adventure, with no horrible injuries or poison ivy, I managed to hurt myself at home...
That's my ankle.  I don't normally rock cankles.  See...

Not unlike "I carried a watermelon," I dropped a glass blender jar, on my ankle.  This is because I am built for danger!  Not domestic smoothie making.

This did lead to a nice bit of catching up with my current knitting projects.

Now, if I could just finish some of this.  I'd be like the super hero of the summer!


Linda said...

Another reason to add to the list of "Why I'm Not Domestic".

ColorSlut said...

Goodness you are totally "domestic".!