Thursday, July 01, 2010

You can be sure Zombies are part of it

You may have heard the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm finally had it's Spring Cria. (Cria is the name for Alpaca baby. I'm often guilty of saying Baby Cria, so I'm really saying Baby, Baby. But I'm cool with that.)

                   Sexy Rexy of Wonder and his Momma Sugar Breeze.  (I think I got that right)

The birth and all the real stats are available at the Wonder blog.  But I have to say, being the Farmer's Friend has it's advantages.  I got the call of Rexy's birth while taking in the awesome at Lincoln Memorial.

Really, took this photo, then my phone started ringing.  The Ogre gave me "the look" because I was not observing silent reverence at his favorite president's monument. Hey, at least I wasn't wearing a "Beer Pong King" t shirt. 

Besides, Mr. Lincoln would have been totally down with the news of an Alpaca's birth. 

It was so amazing to get the news of the cria's birth within minutes of the event.  I loved the Lincoln Memorial, and it was so special to get the call right then. 

Another Farmer's Friend benefit, getting to hang at the farm. 

Sure, sure, I help out from time to time, but it's worth it.  I love spending time with these amazing creatures.  Really, they only spit when you piss them off.  Remember, don't piss off an alpaca and you'll be fine friends.

I think that's Renny.  He only speaks French, with a Chilean accent, so sometimes, he's hard to understand.
Last night I was out to dinner with some ZPDK friends.  As I was letting Wonder Why Gal borrow my copy of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Loongirl asked "when do you two have time to read with all the knitting, spinning and alpaca-ing?" (so maybe that wasn't a quote, but the gist of it)

I stay up late.  I don't think WWG sleeps.

Besides, I have to stay up late to patrol the perimeters and make sure there aren't any zombies getting onto my property.

Look what happens if I don't keep track of things...

totally took the stain off my deck with all their busted leg dragging, and clawing for brains.

While on zombie patrol, I've been working on a couple of things.  Another Clapotis...

is this my third?  Yikes, and I still make mistakes.  It's that whole lack of attention thing.  Of course I'm using Alpaca yarn.  It's Atacama from Araucania yarns.  Don't worry, I also read that as "blah, blah, yarn, blah."

I have put the knitting down and done some work on that deck.  Check it....

If those accursed zombies wreck on this now, I will slay them, take them to the Pet Semetary, reanimate them and slay them again.  I worked hard on that thing. It looks good. 

Yes, I wish I could have kept it all natural wood too, but it really needed some sort of finishing.

Finally, during all this, I've also managed to make a million dish cloths,

take the Pigs on a Picnic,

and work on saving the world.  Ok, at least eliminate the zombie population and cover the heads of the homeless.  Hats people, also making hats for the Haven.

That got a little long winded, but the moral of the story is-If you knit a lot of dish cloths out of cotton, it's good to know an alpaca farmer who will let you hang out and watch the alpacas.  They also are a great source of getting alpaca fluff, yarn, rugs, and all things alpaca.


Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

I don't think you sleep either! You do get a lot done.

WonderWhyGal said...

You are the best...Storyteller, Wonder Intern, Alpaca Poo Scooper, Power Washer and Friend. I even think Renny likes you.

Linda said...

We need to get you a t-shirt with a big 'A' on the front ....for AWESOME!

Holly Bee said...

Thanks all of you!

ColorSlut said...

LOL - can you really knit while on zombie patrol? I find it hard.

Holly Bee said...

I totally knit on zombie patrol. It's why I get so many dish cloths knit. Plus, the cotton cleans up real easy.