Friday, July 02, 2010

Stop YELLING at me!!

Here it is another Fiber Arts Friday.

I've been avoiding my spinning wheel in preparation of the start of Tour de Fleece.  But I walk by it and I swear it's calling my name.

Oh, not a sweet whisper of "holly, spin.hoooolly...."

It's all up in my face yelling

"SNOTTY!!!! YO!!  I've got some sweet fluff on me, spin, SPIN, SPIN!!

I have an Ashford Joy.  Now, most people with a Joy call it Joy, or Mayflower, or Sweet Sunshine Spinner.  Mine, I named Joleisa.  No wonder it's yelling at me. I might as well have named it Flotilla.  But really, that's more of a Traditional Style Spinning wheel name.

Here's what I have for Tour de Fleece:

A sweet team.  I'm spinning with the Team of Wonder.

I've also got some awesome Alpaca Fluff, "roving" to work with.  It's straight off the animals at the farm that I know and love.

Sugar Mojove- and Sugar in the pasture with Rexy, her Baby-Baby.

Then, I've got some Briar Rose Roving!

Who knew Chris had roving too!??  Same lovely colors, but you get to make the yarn!

It's not Tour de Fleece, it's Fluffapallooza!

Just you wait Joleisa.  We'll be spinning...Tomorrow!!

This was part of Fiber Arts Friday.  Now go to our host and enjoy other great fiber adventures!!  Hey, link in too!  You know you want to be part of the fluff, fun. Fun.


Linda said...

My spindles aren't screaming at me, my FIBER is! "We are loverly! Pet us! Fondle us! Spin us!" Can't wait til tomorrow so I can shut them up!

WonderWhyGal said...

I never knew your wheel had a name. I named my Elizabeth but none of my other wheels although I make sweet happy love noises with my Lendrum every time I pull out some Wonder Roving and make it purr...

Of course, I've been spinning every day. It's in my blood so I must but I've cleared all but two bobbins for tomorrow and those will be plyed tonight.

Go Team of Wonder!

Dutch Hollow Acres said...

Love the wheel name. I can't wait for Tour de Fleece to start. I've been dying and carding for the past 2 weeks. My spinning wheel isn't due to arrive for another week so it's me and my geek spindle for now.

Elizabeth said...

The BFL Chris sent me as a going away to school gift was a-freakin'-mazing. I wish I had an extra $40 to get my hands on some more, but there's that stupid thing tuition that's stealing all of my monies.

I wish I were creative enough to name my wheel, but she's a pretty good 'Victoria' as she is.

ColorSlut said...

I can't wait to see all the glorious things you create on the tour!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!! I don't even remember you getting a wheel, but I'm excited that you have one and I can't wait to see what you spin!

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Looks like your wheel might have put back a few beverages...

You are going to be a very busy spinner - awesome stash!

Kathryn Ray said...

Kate - she's Snotty's wheel, and she's named Joleisa. Of course she's on the hooch. ;-)

I'm ready to spin tomorrow!

AllyB said...

Your posts always make me laugh. Perhaps your Ashford could use some of LittleDog's Xanax?