Friday, July 16, 2010

Still with the Spinning. It's all about the Benjamins

All I do is mess with fiber.  Really, I'm either hanging at the farm, helping with chores,
                                                It takes a healthy herd to get loverly fluff!!

or spinning,

or knitting,

But I always feel so unprepared for Fiber Arts Friday!!

So today, after much trials, tribulations, and attempted zombie invasions, I will document my Tour de Fleece 2010 events...

Pretty, no? YES! It's pretty. I worked really  hard to get all that fluff into yarn.

Arggghghghgh!! You know when Lil' Kim is all "only female in my crew..." Yeah, I feel like this "Only crap spinner in my crew. I spin shit, like a knitta do."

Yeah, you name your spinning wheel Joleisa and see how gangsta you feel.

Here's Spinsanity's experiment: Can I get more yarn plied on a spindle or a spinning wheel?  Check here to see which it is.

WonderWhyGal...she's been spinning for a year.  Now she's making art yarn.  Like designer art yarn, all fancy.

FatCatCrochet-She should change her name to FatCatSpinner.  She just took off.

So, for those of you struggling with spinning-If you enjoy it, keep at it.  It does get better.  Especially if you surround yourself with awesome spinners!!

This was another sad story to be included with Fiber Arts Friday.  Really, join me on another day of the week.  It's just so stressful to be fibery on a specific day.  Your host of FAF will show you the way to other Fibery Blogs


Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Your spinning looks great - puts my "participation" in Tour de Fleece to shame.

Linda said...

Your spinning looks awesome! Plus you actually made YARN out of yours! Keep up the AWESOME!!

WonderWhyGal said...

I love the collage...and the Alpacas in it. You inspire me!

AllyB said...

Hey, your stuff looks great too! And you always make me laugh, hard. Thanks