Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spinning, Reading and Love

I am currently the yellow shirt leader for the Team of Wonder. 

The Wonder Why Gal would beg to differ.  She's been spinning like winter is a coming and her family needs socks. But damn it, my yellow shirt got to my house first so I claimed LEADER.

Really wish I had done more spinning, but I've been reading.  Yes, I got sucked into the "there's this really good book, you should read it."  You see Entertainment Weekly has been talking about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for what's felt like 10 years. 

They did the same thing with Harry Potter.  I figured they didn't steer me wrong with the ol' HP so, this must be good if they are shoving it down my throat.  Well, it was not at all what I expected, but I still couldn't put the damn thing down. 

Now, in between all my other random things, I'm trying to read a 600 page thriller.  It's hard to mow and read.

As for the spinning, I failed to mention that I cheated on Joleisa. I had only ever spun on an Ashford Joy.  I like my wheel, it spins fluff into yarn.  There has been only one other wheel I ever actually wanted to spin on. 

That was Shelly's brand new from Down Under Majacraft.  I helped put it together.  The wood was foreign and silky, the wheel was compact and smartly designed, it was an engineering marvel.  I wanted it.  I believe I was told to keep my bad spinning mojo away from the magic wheel, and that I could use Franken Wheel if I wanted to.

Last week was spent lugging the Joy back and forth to the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm.  UNTIL, it was brought to my attention-now remember my attention is brief, fleeting and not always working with the rest of my brain-that Andrea's Kiwi and Elizabeth are both Ashfords and take the same bobbins as my Joy.  DUH. 

No more hauling my Joy around.  Although it is much easier to take Joleisa places now that I have a lovely custom made bag.  No, it was not Snotty made.  My lovely curly haired friend Sandy aka Zippydog made it for me.  But I tend to corner like a maniac, and go off roading quite often and the wheel was getting the brunt of the fun.  (Yes, off roading in a Mazda 5 is inadvisable, but completely fun.)

So, I used the Kiwi.  I am now a fan of the double treadle.  It was easy to change bobbins, and fun to use.  But truth be told, I saw another Majacraft...

Big Smith had just bought one of these little numbers.  It's a Majacraft portable Little Gem.  Wow, be still my broke ass heart.

Photos were lifted from The Woolery.  I hope they don't mind because I was talking about my pure love of the wheels they carry. 


WonderWhyGal said...

Tehehe, I'll let you have this week but beware, only this week. bahahaha

I fell in love with the Majicraft too. I now know what I want for the next wheel in my collection.

Spin on!

Barbooch said...

I'm a friend of Shelly's. She's OURS now and you can't have her back.

Have you checked out the Pocket Wheel? I just got mine last month and I'm loving it. The Ashford bobbins work on it, too.

Holly Bee said...

You may have Shelly, but her heart will always be mine. No, really, I have it in a box.

I will have to check out the pocket wheel. Sounds interesting!!