Thursday, July 15, 2010

See this, not THAT!

Summer Movies:

Iron Man 2-aka Less Iron, More Man  aka Scarlett Johansson's ass' finest work-Worth it for cheap flick price

A-Team-This may be the perfect summer movie.  Lot's of blowing shit up, violence and swearing.  LOVED IT.  Bradley Cooper sure has beefed up since Alias.  Go, see it.  You will be sad if you don't see this one on the BIG SCREEN.  The only thing missing from this fine piece of Action film is Scarlett Johansson's ass.

Toy Story 3-I didn't want to go see this because I figured I'd see it 1 million times on DVD at home. The Pigs took me to it because they decided that I NEEDED to see it.  I'm sure glad they talked me into it.  Great heart, friendship, and growing up.  Go, laugh, cry and remember being a kid.

The Last Airbender-  Wow-M. Night Shyamalan did us Avatar fans no favors making this beloved cartoon into a movie.  He managed to take all the joy, fun and life out of the cartoon, and turn it into crap.  You know, you can't polish a turd, please M. Night, don't make a sequel.  Do yourself a favor and catch it on tv-as the Cartoon.

Despicable Me-Another cartoon I didn't want to see.  But it was a blast.  Grown up friendly voices, lot's of visual jokes and potty humor, plus redemption.  Yes, all that in a kid's movie.  I was a little suspicious of Jason Segel being the voice of Vector.  I was a tad worried he'd follow "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" suit and drop trou.

There you go.  Now get out of your hot house and go relax in the super deluxe air conditioning that is provided by your local theatre.

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