Friday, July 09, 2010

New Knitty? You can bet on it.

ZPDK have been checking out the new  First Fall Knitty, trying to decide which pattern will be the new Clapotis.

Oh, you know, the go to knit, the viral knitted item of the fibery world.

We've got bets running on Purlieu, a cute scarf.
                                                         Photo from Knitty

But I'm leaning toward the Coquille shawl..

I may just like it because of the yarn colors, or it's got a questionably pronounced name that will have everyone all in dither. So, yeah, I'm gonna knit 20 of these coo-coo-ka-chu shawls.

This has been a lame attempted at a Fiber Arts Friday post. If you'd like to read more detailed adventures in fiber...check out our host blog, and see who else has linked in!


Dawn said...

I agree. The Coquille will be the new Clapotis. It's on my list of must knits!

Ellen said...

Funny! Those were the first two patterns I clicked on, too.
Now I will have to stray from my unofficial yarn diet to get the yarn for those.

WonderWhyGal said...

I like both but I'm tempted for the smaller project because A>it's smaller B> I think I understood the instructions C> it will look sassy with my handspun.

Tamara said...

Can you knit me one?? I don't least not very well. I love this!

Anonymous said...

I love these. I also really like the other scarf with the name that starts with L, I think? Skinny and diamond-shaped with lacy edges? It was cool. I'm just too lazy to go back to knitty and see what it's called. :)


Anonymous said...

i'm with you. Love the coquille

Alpaca Farmgirl said...

Yes, I agree on the Coquille. It's sure cute! Happy Fiber Arts Friday.

tracyb said...

Should I admit this? I have never made a Clapotis. I started one once but . . . . I got bored! Maybe because I used solid color yarn. I'll try it with variegated. Coquille looks like fun!

AllyB said...

Thanks for directing me toward yet another project I don't have time to knit, LOL You rock Holly!

ColorSlut said...

Goodness. I forgot it was coming out. Thanks for reminding me!