Saturday, July 31, 2010

Home, half dead, not a zombie


Camp kicked my ass.  I am old.  I got stuck in my bunk.  That was just today.

All in was a riot!!  Already planning on attending with Pigs next year. 

Speaking of next year, all 3 Pigs will be going to Scout Camp.  You're going to need to buy a lot of popcorn.

Sales start in September.  Like a good scout, do your best, and be prepared!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home oh Master Markswoman and Lady of the Forest!
Glad you had a good time camping with Pig 2!


Holly Bee said...

We had a great time!

ColorSlut said...

LOL - stuck in your bunk. Man you make me laugh.

Holly Bee said...

It's sad, but true. I think it's also funny, so that's good. ADVENTURE!