Friday, July 23, 2010

The End is Near...for Tour de Fleece!

My Tour de Fleece started out with a bang, and is ending with a bit of a fizzle. 

Once I got that new spinning wheel, I was distracted.

 Oh, whatever.  Our house is on the market, and I was sick of pulling fluff out of my leg hair and vacuuming the carpet all the time.

  Even the zombies were starting to mock my fluff covered legs.  Which is fine, they only laughed once, and then they get the shovel.

Plus, who else out there is spinning roving like this? 

Now on to a serious matter...Can anyone tell me what kind of spinning wheel I have here?

I have two wheels, one might call this a collection. But I'm a rather lame collector not knowing anything more about the wheel except it was Grandma's.

Name for this little sweetie?  Sweet Petunia.

Thanks for stopping by!  This was a part of Fiber Arts Friday!  For more Fibery Goodness, visit our host the WonderWhyGal!


Kathryn Ray said...

I have no idea, but Sweet Petunia is beautiful.

WonderWhyGal said...

I love the name! I should name an Alpaca Sweet Petunia. So, my furry legged friend, I have no clue what your wheel is but it will be fun to find out with you. If no one answers by Fiber Fest, bring it and we'll have a contest with prizes to get the answer.

Linda said...

I too am currently re-carding my roving using the leg bristle method. LOL!

Holly Bee said...

Yes, name an Alpaca Sweet Petunia! It totally goes with Sugar Magnolia. You really need to get away from the Alpaca Stripper names!!

Sweet Petunia was what Eric's grandma used to call her lovies (me included.)

Ellen said...

There's something completely charming about that name, Sweet Petunia. You can't help but smile hearing it or even seeing it in print.
That wheel is just amazing, btw!

ColorSlut said...

Mine has been fizzing at the end as well. I wonder what is up with that?

Dutch Hollow said...

Why hello Sweet Petunia, I'm sure you will enjoy your new home.

I personally spin fiber in the crotch of my elbow. That's where I seem to collect the fuz for some reason.

AllyB said...

Calling your wheel Grama's Sweet Petunia would be plenty of identification for me. That's a very pretty wheel. I'm looking forward to going all Spinsanity with some fiber soon. Hey, nice fuzz!

sandy said...

You are the first I clicked follow on as I'm learning about The Hive. The zoombie thing cracked me up so figured I better come take a look at your blog.

Moving, pain for sure when YOu've got fiber and knitting laying about. Hope that all works out well for you.

Always enjoy connecting with others who knit or crochet. I've not tried my hand at spinning and fear I best not. I really really don't need something else to such time out of the air.

Swing by for a visit, welcome mats always out