Sunday, July 04, 2010

Day 1 TdF and Happy Independence Day

For the first day of Tour de Fleece, I needed to free some bobbins.
Of course it's Alpaca from the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm
I hadn't initially intended for these to be plied together, but what the hell.

I think it turned out pretty nice.

Plus, we had some family over and I "wowed" them with my mad skillz.  Yes, they were wowed.  I'm under the impression that they had either never seen anyone work a spinning wheel, or they couldn't believe that I could do such a thing.

I did take some time off from spinning yesterday.  Not zombies this time.  I had to help Peter Pan reattach his shadow.  I'm telling you, that kid will lose anything.

After those shenanigans, I dutifully got back on the wheel and spun.

Briar Rose BFL Roving. I think it's turning out pretty SWEET!

For day 2, I plan to steal the moon.  Sorry, went to the movies, and I thought that was a wonderful idea.  I will need to stock up on minions first though.

Ok, for Day 2, I am going to walk in the Home Grange 4th of July Parade and attempt to drop spindle along the parade route.  If I drop my spindle in Horse Poo...Yeah, maybe this isn't a good idea.  When has a bad idea ever stopped me?


WonderWhyGal said...

Your yarn is GORGEOUS!

Looking forward to spinning together.

beth pulsipher said...

Love this yarn - great job - it is beautiful!

ColorSlut said...

First day of the tour and so much work done. IMPRESSIVE!