Thursday, July 22, 2010

CORKS...for Conservation!!

NLast Friday was Binder Park Zoo's Corks for Conservation.

My dates were Loongirl, KWAK, the WonderWhyGal.  Why so many dates?  It was a FUN-Raiser.  I needed to bring my fun and funds to the Zoo!!

We sampled awesome wines from local wineries, had all we could eat brushetta and sandwiches from Panera, and we even managed to find one beer sampling booth.

Sure, it's all fun and free wine until someone accidentally pours and drinks a glass of water from the spit tank.
She ate the brushetta, I drank the spit

Now tell me, why would you use a water pitcher for that? It's just misleading.

There was also a silent auction.  Many, many wonderful prizes were donated.  But I had my eyes on two things-a Binder Park Zoomobile visit, and Tickets to Disney World.

We did have some competition, from this guy.

I swear, he is like personally conserving the zoo. Plus a lovely overnight stay at Kalamazoo Nature Center...which he totally robbed.  To outbid, you must do so in increments of $5.

Whatever, it was cool, we stole bread to make up for it.  Wait, the bread was free, but it felt like stealing when I took the whole loaf.
Inside someone's purse...another loaf 

After a long night of sampling, with DeAngelis Cantina del Vino being my favorite, also the closest to the silent auction tent,we settled in to cheer for the winners or purchasers of the silent auction items.

I thought I was out bid, but then I heard my name!!  "Snotty!" and then "Come pay us money!!"

I didn't care what it was for, I was just so happy to be nominated.  Actually, I totally DID care.  I got the top bid for the Zoo Mobile visit for up to 150 kids!!!
When I was a kid, I loved the zoo mobile visits.  Now I can share that experience of "what the hell kind of animal is that, I hope it doesn't poo!" with other people. 

Then I won some, uh, tickets.  Tickets to the Happiest Place on Earth.

See why I'm looking for a job-to pay for my schooling to pay for my charity habit.


WonderWhyGal said...

It was such a fun night! I can't wait until the next one and I mean the Beer Tasting Birthday Party for me. I'm wondering if they'll let me win the 50/50 if they know it's my birthday?

Linda said...

Are you wearing a DRESS? and eye MAKE-UP???? Good Grief! LOL! You look great BTW and congrats on the Zoo Mobile win!

sandy said...

Well the free wine part sounded good.