Friday, June 11, 2010

Zombies-Not in my Kitchen

I've been cleaning the house in attempts to sell it.

Yes, a clean house is a sell able house.  With all this cleaning going on, there hasn't been much time for knitting.  But a strange thing did happen...

While the tile was drying in the kitchen, I sat on the porch to enjoy some fresh air.

A rogue zombie was out in the field.  Since I want to sell my house, and make the world a zombie free place, I eliminated it.  Sadly, I had to walk across my freshly mopped floor.

I made a couple grody spots, but I was able to clean them up quickly with the help of my handmade dishcloths. " NO!" You cry, "Not a hand knit dishcloth to clean up zombie mess!"
 Fear not, the knit cotton wash cloths are nearly indestructible, washable,

  and well, I know where I can get more.

This love of hand knit dishcloths was brought to you as part of Fiber Arts Friday!
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AllyB said...

Ok, so, all of your cleaning is making me tired, LOL Good luck on the house selling. That dish cloth looks like it's washed a million dishes, or floors, or something...

Ellen said...

Thanks for your comment on the Fiber Arts blog.
I used to live within walking distance of the Stitchin Post in Saratoga. What a wacky shop!
Did you ever visit Saratoga Needle Arts? Unforch, they just went out business. Someone did buy the business but relocated.

Linda said...

Awesome job slayin those Zombies! Your place looks terrific!

Holly Bee said...

Ellen! I loved Saratoga Needle Arts. I can't believe it's gone. It was so fun and nice.

Yeah, Stitching Post was WEIRD.

Thanks for stopping by here!

Ellen said...

One time during the summer, I walked into the Stitching Post and actually startled the woman working there. She had fallen asleep in a chair!
I can't believe how they stay in business.

Allison said...

Maybe a selling point could be "home cleaned with handmade dishcloths"?

jessecreations said...

Good luck with the house selling! I hate cleaning; I'd better get good at it since I'm starting off this whole new housewife career though, huh?

I love homemade dishcloths. I never knew they were so great until I got some from a distant relative last Thanksgiving, and now I see they scrub so much better than store-bought ones! I really should keep one on the needles at all times, I just never do it. I've made ONE in my whole life, sigh. :)

WonderWhyGal said...

Who's living room is that? Holy pacapoo! You really did clean.

Love the knitted dishcloths too.

goldenbird said...

Thanks for the chuckle! There is no end to the uses for hand knit dish cloths. I love 'em.