Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bec...I was shocked

I have a dumb baby bird in my yard.  You know, the speckly young robin that jumped the nest about a week too early.  Yeah.  I worry about him.  I pick ripe blackberries and put them where he likes to hop.  I refilled the bird feeder and dumped seeds on the ground.  Because although he's stupid, I don't want him to die.  I don't want to interfer, but I want to give him a fighting chance.

This is where this story turns to a question Bec asked me earlier this week

 "What does shock you Holly?" 

I figured it out today.  It all started...que the fog machine, put the vaseline on the camera...I was trying out some new make up.  You know, summer, make a change, liven things up.  Well, I had the eyeliner on, and Pig 2 comes upstairs into my clean pig pee free bathroom.

 I was all "what's up, don't pee on the floor."

Pig 2 "oh, nothing, but Copper has a baby bunny in his mouth, and he's eating it."

No time to put on the eyeshadow!  I ran out the door, into the garage and grabbed The Shovel.  Yes, the zombie slaying shovel was grabbed, bunny unseen. 

I get out there, Pig 3 is being accused of touching bunny, Copper is being held back by sensitive, super sweet neighbor girl. 

Inspect, scoop, and gently set bunny free on the other side of the fence.


The Ogre and I were maxing and relaxing in the living room.  HARK!  Who is screaming in the back yard?
Here is what is shocking to me...a yard full of screaming dead bunnies.

WARNING: Do NOT go dead bunny hunting while wearing sandals in deep grass.

Well Clarice, have the lambs stopped screaming?

No, not yet, but I'm working on that bottle of rum.

If that bird also dies, I'm going to flip out.


Bec said...

That was horrible! I am so sorry your family got the big shock.

Holly Bee said...

Oh, yeah, I told them the first bunny lived.

I went and did recon and picked up the rest of the dead bunnies.

Linda said...

Oh my. Yea. One of my cats did that. I got the first one back alive. He just raided the nest for the next one and the next one and the next one.

tracyb said...

oh my god! how many dead bunnies were there? We had baby bunnies in our yard once and my dog was completely oblivious, Thank God! She did catch a chipmunk once, but I yelled so loud at her, she dropped him and he hobbled off to his hole. I like to think he survived.

Holly Bee said...

It just sucks that I try so hard with that dumb bird, and the stupid dog eats a 3 bunnies.

WonderWhyGal said...

Copper would fit right in with Friend and Furball. I guess I'm used to it here on the farm. If you ever need helped with the wererabbit...just let me know.

simply patti said...

holy flippen ape shit- I so just had dead baby bunny flash backs. please tell me that the stupid baby robin made it. I am completely out of booze.