Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

In a weird twist of fate, I was nominated for a Beautiful Blogger award by both Allison of Dominant Hands, and Andrea of Wonder Why Alpaca Farm!  I feel like a triple x beauty.  What, that is so not what I feel like.

As part of the Beautiful Blogger Award, I have to share 10 things about myself that you might not know about me.
1.  I am a Mom, currently not employed, but would never describe myself as a stay at home mom.  It's just not me.  Volunteer, Activist, Artist, Zombie Slayer, Adventurer.  The Pigs seem to find all of this agreeable.
2.  I have 2 rules that I live by... 1. If Aerosmith is on the radio, I will NEVER change the station.  I know that I will be punished with crap radio if I do.  I do not want to offend the Gods of Rock.  Plus, I can sing along. 2. Never drive behind a truck full of trees.  3.  Donate, give, help.
3.  I went to school to be a Medical Lab Tech.  I can tell you all about your blood, urine, poo and semen (if you have any.)  Oh, spinal fluid too, but I don't like to do that.
4.  Reiki.  I got that action going on.
5.  I want to go to massage school.  
6.  I want to be the match.  Where are you match?? I want to give you my bone marrow.
7.  I think my brother is super cool and I am really proud of him. 
8. I have a blue eye and a brown eye.  Yes, they both work.
9.  The Ogre is my second husband. 
10.  I'm still friends with my 1st grade best friend.  She is a superstar!
Crap.  Now I have to nominate other people!
10 other SuperStars
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Spinny Spinsanity  Blog more Spinny!
FatCat Hey, She Knits Now too  Sure, sure WonderWhyGal got you first
Frisky Dawn Knitamazoo  I miss you Frisky!  I didn't know you were TM
Mrs. H I like yarn  I remember when you were Mrs. Aych
Tracyb yarnaholic I love when you find your camera, and when you lose it
Bec Becknits Oh, Helena!
Trish Trish's World  You funny.  Watch out for the quiet ones...

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WonderWhyGal said...

I love that I learned something new about you...and I never will change if Aerosmith is playing either.

You're awesome!