Thursday, June 03, 2010

Again with the fun. Fun is tiring.

What does a Wonder Why Alpaca Farm intern do after a long day of tackling alpaca?  Why, go to the Blue Dolphin of course!! Cheese was caught a flame, along with napkins, great food was eaten, good friends showed up.  Only one zombie had to be slayed, but it was in the parking lot, so our dinner was uninterrupted.

 Fat Cat has all the good photos and details.  You should have seen her attack that zombie with flaming cheese!

The following day was supposed to be a relaxing day of hanging out and visiting with friends.  It was, but it was hot at the coffee shop, so we retreated to the awesome dungeon atmosphere of my basement.

Are you kidding?  Me with a dreary dungeon?  Even my basement is full of adventure.  We call the paint job "1950's Dream of the Future."  We had planned on putting the pi around the room in the border part, but we lost ambition somewhere along the way.  Same with the weight bench.  I was supposed to be totally buff by now.  I think the knitting and cookie eating may be getting in the way of that too.

Spinny doing what she does best...Spinning!

WARNING! If you come to a Zombie Prom Date Knitter event, you may have a spindle and some fluff thrown at you.  Really, this isn't a bad thing, as long as you're a good catch.  We only have 1 eye patched spinner in our group. 

As you know, for me spinning took a year of secret practicing.  FatCat, she caught that spindle, and developed a bad case of SPINNING MADNESS!!!

FatCat and her first spinning lesson-Note I am no where near this event


You know, not a single one of the camera bearing members of ZPDK managed to get a group photo.  But I did get this shoe in! shot.  Which is a ZPDK tradition.

When we finally released our friends from the basement dungeon, FatCat and I decided to make dinner for the Ogre and 3 little Pigs.

Yes, we took them promptly to the Long Branch Saloon

You've got a baby, in a bar.

Here Pig1 decided Fatcat was ok, and finally talked to her.  I believe it was her knowledge of seafood that made him a lifelong friend.

Knitting?  Fatcat and I came up with many grand plans that involved tanks, elk, granny squares, and general mayhem.  Sadly, we didn't get around to it.


WonderWhyGal said...

I wish I could have been there with the group for those fun days...but I know there will be plenty of fun events like that in our future. We never did get a toe in pic for shearing day...bummer.

mom2izzy said...

Ever taken the baby to the Hideaway? I couldn't bring myself to do it until they went smoke free, but it still feels "odd"...but the burritos are sooo good!

Holly Bee said...

I have taken a baby to the Hideaway!! We just didn't know any better then.

Burritos are still good you say? YUM!