Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Small town woes, green toes

I painted my nails blue while at the Michigan Alpaca Wonderfest at the beginning of this month.

Oooh, fancy feet too

It was really cool while using the drop spindle to see my bright finger nails. I also liked being deemed cool by Pig3's Kindergarten class.  But now, after 10 days later, I'm kind of done with the blue.  Not the color, just the paint job looks like crap.  I need some nail polish remover...STAT!

Now the Ogre would say "you didn't see that coming?" about the need for nail polish remover. 

While picking up groceries I checked for nail polish remover. None. 

I figured I'd check the pharmacy across the street since I was picking up a precription for Pig3 (hey! mark another down for sinus infection!)  They didn't have any either.

It's like living in the town from footloose, but with more dancing and less nail polish remover.

One a knitting note, I am currently working under the impression that I will be making this baby blanket.

Photo is from Garnstudio, where the pattern is also available for free.  Because that is how SWEEET they are.

I am hoping to make it from the 80% Alpaca 20% Soysilk yarn I got from the Wonder Why Gal's farm store.  It's nice to be friends with a farmer, with a store.


Linda said...

Good Grief! Did you paint your nails with a 2 inch brush? LOL! I think you have more polish on your toes than you do on your nails! LOL!

Holly Bee said...

I have tiny toes.

WonderWhyGal said...

Linda, I have more of the blue and green...we can paint your nails when you come visit. Obviously since you're staying with Holly in the big V, you'll need to bring your own polish remover since the town doesn't stock it.

Yikes! My toenails are going strong but I removed my blue yesterday prior to sorting.