Monday, May 17, 2010

Less Iron, More MAN

Iron Man 2. 

After seeing it the Ogre asked how I liked it.  "Not enough violence, too much story."

Yes, walking out of a crowded movie theatre with 3 little kids, I was the lady yelling for more violence.

But really.  I love summer movies.  I love the straight up escapism of a stupid story, men with big arms, and big arms, and explosions.  Hey, I don't care, I want to see The A Team, not Schindler's List.

A quick run down of Iron Man 2:

Less Iron, More Man-The best parts of the film were when the guys were working on the iron suits, not being in the iron suits.

Robert Downey Jr, with arms, does it for me.  Stop putting him in the iron suit!  But he strangely reminded me of Harvey Keitel as the Devil in Little Nicky.

  Now that movie had some fun loving violence!

Ok, Mickey Rourke is hot.  Or, I like big Russian Prisoners.  Either way, the bad smart guy thing was totally working for me.  More of him, with his shirt off. 

Samuel L. Jackson.  More of him too.  He can keep his shirt, or take it off.  I don't care. Nick Fury was Sam Jackson in his full on badass Snakes on a Plane/Pulp Fiction version of himself.  I was completely set for him to fall into "I am sick of these motherfunking Iron Man Suits, in this motherfunking donut shop!"  After that I would expect Honeybunny and Pumpkin to start robbing the place.

Scarlett Johansson's ass.  That big ol round booty needed more screen time.  If you check the credits, there is a character that you swear you never heard mentioned in the movie, it's her ass.    Girl can kick ass too.  Who wants to see guys in Iron Suits when you've got Scarlett's ass to think about.  Damn.

Blow shit up.  In the opening scene someone in the movie yells to Iron Man-"blow something up."  I agree. 

From watching the film, I want to learn to speak French, and take Judo, not make an Iron Man suit.  I know what sexy is.


Elizabeth said...

Could Scarlett Johansson be any cooler? I wish I were that bad ass. Cameron loves her, but I'm okay with it because I like her too.

Bec said...

I heart you!

Holly Bee said...

You too can be bad ass. It's all attitude. Plus Judo. We need to take Judo.

BEC! You made me giggle.

WonderWhyGal said...

Now I really want to go see it. I love your movie reviews. You should become a professional movie reviewer. Siskel and Ebert and have nothing on your snark and sass.

Notice I said sass...yes, we need to ZPDK Judo class.

dee's brother said...

Is there anything cooler...or hotter...than girls...talking about another hot girls booty? Outstanding!

Holly Bee said...

It's all here at knit with snot...