Monday, April 26, 2010

Zombies, on Spring Break?

Hardly any zombie attacks on these fronts.  Oh, don't worry, important issues other than global zombie invasion are being addressed. 

Simply Pink by St Julian's-that is for a good cause.

Like wine being chilled.  This barbaric practice will never stop, but at least we can all do our part to make that poor wine a sweater.

Trying to stay ahead of the breeders

I can't stress enough the importance of having premade baby gifts at the ready.  You never know who is going to fall prey to the cuteness of infants. 
Spun with Snot...for You!

I've had so much zombie free, free time, I've even cozied the shrubbery! 

It is nice to have some time off from zombie slaying, but remember- Zombies are sometimes useful, they keep the world free from toilet paper cozies, and they make good fertilizer.


Dawn said...

The wine cozy is soooooo cute!! And I just love the shrub cozy too! :) Now if this rain would just go away so I can spin outside all would be right with the world. LOL!

WonderWhyGal said...

The wine sweater turned out great! Is that Sugar Breeze Brown Alpaca Yarn I see?

We really should check the ph levels of those zombies because if their levels are right we can blend them with Alpaca poo and grown great veggies.