Monday, April 12, 2010

Snot of the Titans

 The Ogre took Friday afternoon off to take me to Clash of the Titans.  Not theHarry Hamlin in a short skirt version, the new one.  You know, with the Avatar guy in a short skirt.

Right off I was excited by the casting:

Avatar guy!  As mentioned before, in a short skirt, technically a tunic.  I took it upon myself to do a panty shot count.  It was a close call in the begining with all that swimming and laying on the remains of his family home/boat.  But no dice, or undies.

Oh, the wrecked boat?  Lord Voldemort totally showed up and smashed the hell out of it.  I know right?  Voldemort took time off from harrassing Harry Potter to beat the shit out of some fisherman.

Next up Liam Neison dresses in King Arthur's shiny, shiny suit of armour and bitches about lame people.  Voldemort tricks him into setting free the monster from The Empire Strikes Back to unleash some whoop ass on those pesky non Gods fearing men.

Totally serious.  The Rancor from Jabba the Hut's lair of desert doom.
Rancor + Kraken=Godzilla

Avatar guy takes up with extras from 300, who by the way are seriously into guyliner now.  Jay and Silent Bob tag along as hunters/comic relief.

Andromeda does not get out of a bath and show her behind.
Avatar guy does show his panties upwards of 4 times.  He enjoys tight red underwear.
The Singer from the Spin Doctors shows up, burns his arm, and says "Little Miss Can't be Wrong must be fed to the Kraken, or I will start singing!"

Eddie, the old Iron Maiden mascot, got a new gig as the Ferryman to Medusa's house.

Pig 1 says Medusa doesn't look too bad.  I think he's waaaay too into this whole Greek Mythology thing.

Voldemort goes to the UnderWorld via lightening bolt sword, and then King Arthur talks to Avatar and they all live happily ever after.

Those photos are used without permission from The Empire Strikes Back and Clash of the Titans 2010.


WonderWhyGal said...

I had Grumpy read your blog and he laughed the whole time he was reading your post. I then told him that this is why I love to do stuff with you...snark and snot, just two of your many fantastic qualities.

Now we must have a date night so Grumpy and I can watch the Clash together although now your review will be running through our heads.

Love it!

Kathryn Ray said...

You crack me up. :-D